Friday, October 10, 2008

Chaos, cash and Copenhagen

Flying out of Tullamarine shortly after midnight after a frantic afternoon trying to put the editorial content for issue #1 of Canvas to bed is perhaps not the best way to kick off a four day media junket to Copenhagen, but is (perhaps appropriately) indicative of the manic nature of my life...

So after four and a half hours sleep and a 14 hour day at work, I had an eight hour flight to Hong Kong (for a 45 minute stop-over: so frustratingly close to where Kerryn, an old friend lives, but completely unable to contact her - besides which, it was 6am local time when we landed in Hong Kong and I didn't think she'd appreciate a phone call at that hour!); and then another 12 hours to London for a one hour stop-over (again, so frustratingly close to another friend, Rick) before a quick jaunt across the North Sea to Copenhagen.

We got in at 7pm local time, and within 40 minutes I was checked into my hotel in the centre of the city, just around the corner from the main square and a five minute walk from the royal palace. I went for a short walk last night, and another walk this morning since I woke at 8am feeling remarkably refreshed; so consequently I can say with confidence that this is a beautiful, beautiful city.

There's just one fly in the ointment. I was so focussed on getting the magazine's editorial to bed before I left that I forgot about my finances; specifically that I can't actually access my bank account from here! The last time I was overseas I was casually withdrawing cash from ATMs using my credit card whenever I ran short, then topping up the account from my savings via online banking. Now, I realise that apart from the Danish bank notes I specifically organised for my taxi fare from the airport before I left, I only have about 50 kroner on me, which is not going to last very long at all! Added to that, I can't remember my online banking password. Shit, shit, shit!

Time to make an international call to Westpac, I think, to try and sort something out. Otherwise it's going to be an interesting couple of days with no money whatsoever... Lucky for me, my hotel provides a free breakfast and dinner buffet every day!


Born Dancin' said...

Hurray! You made it. Do you want us to wire you some money? Can people still 'wire' money? I don't actually know what wiring money is.

Copenhagen's totally beautiful. You gotta enjoy it.

Tim Norton said...

Richard, why are you in Danishland?
Mind you, it is beautiful.
Last time I was there was for Roskilde Festival -oooer that was a dirty experience.
Now, explain!

richardwatts said...

Tim, I'm here on a media junket for just four days, courtesy of the World Outgames and Wonderful Copenhagen, as the Copenhagen tourism department is officially known. More details soon.

John - you're totally right, it's a stunning city!

Anonymous said...

Missed you by not-very-long at all then, I was in Hong Kong for the weekend! I guess you don't get to see much on a stopover though..